What is LSF Building?



Light steel frame building (LSFB) is a building method, and should not be confused with pre-fabricated or ‘kit’ buildings. It can be described as “off-site” building, as a lot of the manufacturing takes place in factories, and the components are assembled on site.

It consists of structured wall panels, trusses, and floor joists, assembled using cold-formed steel sections made from thin gauge high strength galvanised steel sheet. Sections are joined together – typically in a factory – using rivets or self-tapping screws to form structural wall panels and roof trusses, which are transported to site for erection on foundations and floor slabs. Similar to timber frame construction, the wall frames are clad externally and internally on site with a range of alternative cladding materials, with services (electrical and plumbing) and in

Written by Denise Sherman on 2 July 2018.