Timber Construction Screw

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Why is the ZAP Self-Drilling Structural Timber Screw different?

  • It is a high-strength wood screw available in different lengths and gauge offering an alternative to timber connections via bolting and/or traditional coach screws.
  • It delivers faster starts and requires less torque to drive.
  • The M6 and M8 screws has a 14 and 22mm pan-head respectively with a serrated tread point eliminating any pre-drilling.
  • Drives easily with a T-30 or T-40 driver bit

The Structural Timber Screw is typically used for connections in load bearing timber structures between members of solid timber, glued laminated timber, cross laminated timber and laminated veneer lumber, similar glued members, wood-based panels or steel. The high-strength wood screw is also used as tensile or compressive reinforcement perpendicular to the woodgrain.

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M6x70mm, M6x100mm, M6x120mm, M6x140mm, M6x160mm, M6x180mm, M8x70mm, M8x240mm


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